We offer a broad spectrum of expertise and experience in the organization of interdisciplinary projects, which helps us to find and implement unconventional solutions. DDP-Innovation was founded to offer design and engineering solutions, but also to develop and market new products.


What motivates him are complex con-structions and mechanisms. What he wants are solutions that harmonize ae-sthetically, functionally and economically. David is only satisfied when a result is available that meets the highest de-mands.
The trained polymechanic and mecha-nical engineer is the critical pole in the team. He questions every approach to a solution and persistently ensures that no immature component can get past him.


Confronted with a problem, he presents a concrete draft solution within a short time. He attaches great importance to simple, functional design. His distinctive imagination helps him to think through projects from A to Z and to quickly ass-ess their feasibility.
He has already seen everything from working in national surveying, agriculture and forestry to crossing Africa on a bicycle and managing construction sites. Therefore he is regarded as an absolute all-rounder in our team.


As in every company, the factors time, costs and quality also play an essential role for us. In order to keep them in line, Patrik always keeps an overview with his networked way of thinking. In addition to time and cost security, he also believes that personal customer contact and transparent communication ensure a sat-isfactory result.
The trained timber construction tech-nician and vice Swiss champion car-penter is used to working under time pressure and lives the mentality "can't do it, doesn't exist" in the team.

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